Terms and Agreement

Artists, painters and sculptors (as Artists) who wanted to join us in this website to show/sell their work online are required to meet the following terms and agreement.

1. Only accepted Artists are allowed to share/sell their work with us online.

2. A maximum of only 6 images are allowed for listing to show/sell.

3. For each art piece to sell, please provide details of the artwork like price, size and media.

4. Delivery and costs of the artwork is to be borne entirely by the Artists.

5. The maximum period for the image posting is 2 months and will be removed for a new listing.

6. For each sales transaction, we encourage the Artist to contribute to this website maintenance    from 10-20% of the sales price at his/her own discretion.

7. Payments received from buyers online (in future) will be transferred soonest to the artists but at this stage, buyers can contact directly with artists to discuss payment and shipping on their own without involvement of the admin.


8. We encourage Artists to help promote this page by sharing on social media. 

9. Artists can withdraw as website members anytime without any conditions.

10. We limit the number of Artists sharing their work in this website to 4 members only.

Studio Ayer is not seeking fame, attention or fortune from art and paintings as shared in this website. Our objective is to record our artistic talents by displaying our work to the online public and a few pieces will be chosen for sale.. We have no plans for intense promotion to capture sales but we are open to any request/invitation for sales, work commission and involvement in art projects and exhibitions. We are just artists and we accept whatever comes along or none in full honesty, integrity like the work of our art.






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All images are original and fully owned by Asia Eco Ponds and they are not allowed for copying, reprinting or/and to be used elsewhere without the consent of the owner. 

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