Kebun Ku, an eco-farm at home

Kebun Ku, is our home eco-farm project in 1-acre farmland to establish a concept of green living integrating fish culture and planting at home. Home water garden for aesthetic and fengshui geomancy for design harmony can be more functional with knowledge-based application like domestic fish culture with kitchen leftovers along with fish pond water 'nutrigation' for planting beds. Like the way of nature, this project is aimed towards sustainability applying the symbiotic relationship processes between land and water.

The best way to educate people about how nature works is most effective through small interactive garden projects at home.

The design and garden practices proposed for Kebun Ku are a universal idea that can be accepted and are all-inclusive as an eco-establishment for the coming change to suit the new way of life whereby home has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Today, we are more in need of a home garden for beneficial purposes and practice the ways of nature for us to understand the natural environment.

This project is a lifestyle ecosystem reset to meet new challenges in this garden and landscape industry to support education, environmental care and eco-living.

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