Garden farm at home ?

Garden ponds or water garden at home are meant to beautify a home space and bring about the leisurely and a good feeling of calmness and joy.

Today, we are looking at a level further and feeling good alone is not complete without the functionality of a garden for a real return.

The concept of re-cycle kitchen or food wastes into consumable protein is possible by growing fish in garden ponds along with a small plot of the vegetable bed.

With the application of the bio-filtration system in ponds, water can be kept clean even with fish growing by consuming leftover food from the table in water. A relationship almost symbiotic between fish and veggies with the process of 'nutrigation', that is water fertilization for the veggies from fish wastes.

With this productive functionality of the garden pond, it is still a garden pond to enjoy leisurely with a good feeling of calmness and joy.

The Old School Garden, a garden farm at home, why not ?


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