An Experimental Painting for Wellness.

Biophilia is about the natural attraction to living nature around us. As we walk in the forest, we breathe the freshness and feel the calmness as we enjoy the patterns of nature in fractals, repetitive with shade and many tones of colours. That is the art of the natural world.

Nature-inspired art is beneficial due to its attractive form, shape, patterns, colours and more. Such characteristics of the natural world can be manifested into a piece of art in sculptural form, artwork or painting.

Combining fractal patterns of leaves and butterflies, I composed this painting with life of joy and emotion. How do we know what is real and what is not? How do we perceive the value of our existence? Is art as good as the natural world in biophilic sense and what makes us appreciate art?

This experimental painting is just the beginning of my language in wellness art and the search for balance within the canvas will never end and this is how art is made interesting.

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