Bio-pool in Home Garden.

A water feature for the garden with the bio-filtration system to keep the water clean without any application of chemicals (like chlorine). How else to be closer to nature at home with a garden pond, that one can enjoy to grow fish, plants and even to take a dip in it with clean and clear water. This is the new era of change discovering the natural world outside but inside our home.

Garden ponds, especially with Japanese koi fish were usually designed to fit into the purpose of balance in the concept of 'Fengshui' and also meant to be aesthetic. But in this new era, garden has to be more than just for nice look and good luck, they have to be functional with beneficial purpose and sync with nature.

Our concept for garden pond design today are all for with natural processes to benefit all with fish culture, plants and even dipping for feeling fresh is possible.

This is the Old School Garden of nature by Asia Eco Ponds.

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