Kebun Ku the old school garden project at Studio Ayer

A project for a renewable green living lifestyle garden within our homes and beyond for education, production and inspiration.

Kebun Ku is an urban farming project with emphasis on growing fish for food along with raised vegetable plots. Organic waste or food left over from the kitchen can be converted into protein by feeding it to fish in bio-filtered water garden ponds. We are working closely on this project to ensure that many people can learn about the natural ecosystem, water quality management and the benefits of a functional garden at home, in resorts or in parks.

Farmhouse shadow rev.JPG

The farmhouse with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living and an office. 

What is in the logo ?

Tree for agriculture
Roots feeding the tree.
Hand feeding the fish.
Fish for aquaculture
To provide ordinary people with the means of 'doing profitable and intrinsically significant work, of helping others to achieve independence, so that they may become their own employers, or members of a self-governing through knowledge sharing.
To practice small-scale exercises so as no matter how numerous, are always less likely to be harmful to the natural environment than large-scale ones, simply because their individual force is small in relation to the recuperative forces of nature.
To create applicable spaces that will encourage human creativity within the practices. 

Bio-pool for dipping. 

A water feature for the garden with the bio-filtration system to keep the water clean without any application of chemicals (like chlorine). How else to be closer to nature at home with a garden pond, that one can enjoy to grow fish, plants and even to take a dip in it with clean and clear water. This is the new era of change discovering the natural world outside inside our home.