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Studio Ayer is located on a 1 acre farmland at Sin Wah Estate, Kamunting which is about 20 mins drive to the  Taiping railway station. There are 6 guestrooms for rental as homestay with a dining pavilion and simple outdoor cooking facilities for the guests.

Next to Studio Ayer is another 1 acre of farm land with secondary forest.

We would like to invite any interested party to collaborate with us in any farming or training activities on this 1 acre land along with the 6 guestrooms at Studio Ayer. 


The theme for this collaboration is more for small scale agriculture and/or fish farming either for:

1. Production

2. Training and education

3. Leisure and Tourism

4. All of the above.

The objective of this collaboration is to provide opportunities to those who are in need of new skills for this coming period of change and more importantly, is to generate income out of the land and facilities available at Studio Ayer. 


Write us a brief proposal for us to consider and study its feasibility which is to include:

1. Field expertise and experience

2. What is the strategy for production ?

3. Fundings

4. Terms and conditions.

(Note: For fish farming or pond gardening, we have the knowledge, experience and know-how.)

for more information.

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