Ng Kok Hong & his home at Studio Ayer

Ng Kok Hong started his career as an aquaculture farmer in 1985. With much experience later, he formed AyerMatahari SB, a company to provide pond design consultancy services for the building industry.

He applied the way of art and sciences in his design strategies and established environmental friendly aquatic gardens with eco-concept management for township and hotel development in this region. He introduced the bio-filtration system as part of water management requirements in ponds.

With his family in December 2015, he moved to Studio Ayer, a home and production house he built in Kamunting, Perak and began to reawaken his old passion for art and painting. He organised his collection of art pieces at Studio Ayer and started painting regularly since 2017.

All his paintings are on display at Studio Ayer with prints and original paintings available for sale. 

Studio Ayer is an art-home built on 1 acre farm land. There are 7 guest rooms for farm stay with fishing ponds and a dining pavilion for guests with lush green surroundings. This art farm is decorated with paintings and garden sculptures. It is a place for privacy, relaxation and self-searching. A place for inspirations and joy for all.





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