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The work of art and the logic of science applied in our work principle and concept are meant to benefit both the project and its environment. Asia Eco Ponds with more than 30 years of experience in water bodies design and management for recreation, flood mitigation and eco-sustainability are all that are needed in today's very demanding input for a successful project in urban development for the care of the natural environment.   
2021 4 Green Destiny.jpg
The Green Destiny Sword and The Bronze Horse.
Acrylic 60x40 cm..
The legendary sword, Green Destiny belongs to a swordsman Li Mubai in 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'' movie. It was known that this exquisite sword was forged during the Qin dynasty (around 220 BC). A copy of the sword was remade in Taiwan by a sword master forger specially for this movie.
The bronze horse from the Qing Dynasty around mid 1700 painted with much detail and focusing on the green patina formation on the bronze cast. Another piece of art for my collection painted during this pandemic period when not much work can be done effectively leaving with much time to search and exercise our hidden talents.

About Ponds and Ecology

Khaolak 2021 Jan15a.jpg

Water garden at Khoalak 

The canal is 600 m long meant to soften the landscape. The bio-filtration system was installed on the pond bottom. No chemicals will be applied in the pond as this bio-filtered pond is stocked with fishes as part of urban fish culture. 

The vast water surface area will cool down the  surrounding environment, neutralises pollution in the air and it remains a beauty for many to enjoy. Fish culture is possible , feeding the fish with leftovers from the table.

The Naked Horizon.jpg

The Naked Horizon.

Acrylic 60x40 cm

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