Kebun Ayer, a small community homestay project.

Kebun Ayer is a cluster of 6 units of small kampong villas to be built right here in Studio Ayer at Kamunting, Taiping.

Each unit is about 26 ft x 12 ft in size designed for a couple to enjoy the open enviroment and live a lively activities in this private land of 1 acre.

Kebun Ayer is not entirely a commercial entity, it is an offer of our existing space to those who cannot afford to own farmlands or bungalows but wish to stay in an open green environment here in Kamunting with like-minded friends as part of close-knitted small community, as to do away with loneliness and boredom of life by actively participating in beneficial activities as one aged gracefully.

Who Needs to be Here ?

We are ONE for freedom, nature and art.

That's the motto for Kebun Ayer community. Our objective is to attract like-minded seniors who are still young at heart to carry on with life enjoying freedom, nature and art into the ages that are to set gracefully.

We are never to surrender as we grow older but life lives on and to spring board from here into enlightenment by sharing and working together along with the past experiences we had learned from one hard time to another.

We welcome those who wished to settle in Taiping, living far and away from the noise and pollution of the city atmosphere without having to invest a hefty sum into acquiring land or farms.

For those who loves nature, small garden farming, art & paintings and ultimately freedom of life, Kebun Ayer is your place.

What are the plans ?

The site here is 1 acre farmland located in Ladang Sin Wah at Batu 5 Kamunting. It is an unconditional freehold farmland with existing 3 separate rooms units and a guest house built in 2015. We also have a living-dining lobby, a cafe-studio called KarArt and possibly a spa room to funish with bath tub for all to enjoy hopefully in 2018.

 There are 3 ponds for fishing and aquaculture activities with an approximate area of 1/3 of an acre. We have in our plans to do a small scale production of udang galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) post-larva or youngs as part of hobbyist activities.

Scattering around are the balance of another 1/3 acre of land can be used for small plots gardening. 

The KarArt studio is planned for art display and also to run as a small cafe just to serve the small community at Kebun Ayer. It is a place for the gathering of artists and art enthusiast to spill time away.

What is the Price to Stay at Kebun Ayer?

Once you have decided to become a part of this small group of freewillies here at Kebun Ayer, you are also the committee member to project ideas and conditions for the small private world that we live in.

Each unit of the Kampong VillaKu is to be rented out at the proposed rate of RM1,500 per month encompassing the whole Studio Ayer land as part of your free-to-use facilities. The members of Kebun Ayer are free to re-propose the rental rate for as long as the rents are sufficient to sustain the activities and maintenance of this place comfortably for all to enjoy. 

All members are the 'owners' of the place.

The proposed rate of RM 1,500 per month is to cover all other utilities expenses like electricity, water and etc. And if the costs to sustain the place is low, the rental rate will be reduced . There is no fixed rules but rather a flexible and friendly approach for a sustainable decision for the comfort of all.

Basic Conditions.

These are the basic conditions for members to meet in order to sustain the activities here at Kebun Ayer.

1. Tenants have to be a couple or a pair in each VillaKu. For the 6 units plus the owners, we will possibly have 14-16 residents living here. Other rooms and guest house are for daily rentals.

2. The residents must stay here at Kebun Ayer full time and weekenders are not allowed.

3. There is no long term contracts but resident is to pay 1 month rent as deposit.

4. The resident must accept that this project is an unregistered entity as a homestay rather as a family farming community in a private land.

5. The mother of all conditions here are to keep things simple for all to enjoy. 

Floor Plan. Kampong VillaKu is 240 sq ft with 20' x12' wide. It has a verandah of 6 ft stretch. It is design for a couple,a room for minimalism interior with low maintenance.