Domestic Aquaculture & Aquaponics - The ayer-culture garden pond system.

Home fish farming is not all about growing fish for food but more of re-cycle left-over food from the kitchen. Pond with fishes are meant to take their eco-remediation role by eating up what that's left before they were made to pollute the environment.

This page will provide introductory information as to how to grow fish at home with minimal costs right in your garden ponds.

In addition to that, some vegetable plants can be part of the aquaculture system as to what it is called as 'aquaponics'.

At Studio Ayer, one of the main activities is to practice aquaponics, integrating fish and plants growing in the same pond, the home garden pond, so as to maximise production with the concept of symbiotically linking the two ecosystems.

This is what we called as the 'Ayerculture Garden'.

Fish feeding with leaves and shrubs. No commercial pellets.