StudioAyer site is progressing. The main tree stands tall is Glochidion obscurum or dulang-dulang. The flag of the day was the newly planted frangipani along side with Areca pinang with part of the main range (Mt Hijau) in the background. 

Typha Sp.

Typha latifolia and other species. are designated as the world's worst weeds and these weeds can reduce rice production, impact wildlife populations and can alter nutrient cycles negatively. In New Zealand,Typha is classified as the most unwanted organism. So why plant Typha in your garden ponds ?

Our planting here is controlled in only desginated location and not allowed the plants to spread so easily. If such measure is not considered in your planting plan, surely you are inviting natural invasion and potential damage to the garden system and structures.

But Typha can be lovely if you have ideas to dress them up.

Paul Newman

Among the greatest known in the movie industry was Marlon Brando and the other was Paul Newman. His last film role was as the voice of Doc Hudson, a racing car in the Pixar animation Cars.
Trying to paint his later years was interesting as his looks did gave the depth of a man that I like to brush it on into a piece of art. A reminder of his fame was the scene from 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' where he was on the cycles with an unforgettable theme song.


It’s a piece of fish farming that often gets overlooked, but Dr. Thad Jackson believes aquaponics, especially on a small scale, is what will keep the world turning.
With small-time fish farmers producing about 25 percent of the food for the global population, “it may be time to consider how we bring the lessons learned back home to increase fish farming production.” Fish Farming International.

Auguste Rodin. 1840-1917.

My next painting subject will be the portrait of Auguste Rodin. The man who sculpted The Thinker, his best know monumental work, when he was 60 years of age.
Rodin failed miserably in academics but excelled brilliantly in art.
The Thinker, originally named The Poet, is one of the top 5 most famous sculpture in the world today. It was cast in bronze and you don't need to think so hard like The Thinker if you want to know why it is so captivating.
The Thinker originally was a small part of another piece of art, The Gates of Hell for a museum in Paris. The work was never completed and Rodin spent his remaining years designing The Gates of Hell and the museum who commissioned the job was never built.

Studio Ayer - Logo

23.5.2015. A frog has no fear of rain but this is no ordinary frog. The logo for Studio Ayer spells all of what we have learned the last many years and what to come next and beyond. Of course, we do aged and sapped with time and trials, turning grey and dry, but the body and mind never cease to stop, until we drop.


21.5.2015. Growing fish is aquaculture and growing plants in water is hydroponics. Combining these two, we have what we called 'aquaponics'. What a terrible name!

At Studio Ayer, one of the main activities is to practice aquaponics, integrating fish and plants growing in the same pond so as to maximise production with the concept of symbiotically linking the two systems.

The fish, in the pond fed with re-cycle food, releases wastes in water. The biological filtration system will effectively convert the wastes from toxic form like ammonia into nitrate. Nitrate, as 'fertilizer' can be assimilated by plants and thus the plants clean up the water keeping it right for the fish, as they grow. So, bravo ! in the end of the day, we can collect both the plants and the fish for food. 

Aquaponic practices are easy and not expensive. Understanding the nitrogen-cycle of nature will make you an expert.

The Chocolate Gouramy

17 May 2015. Long ago, there was such a thing called 'Malayan Airbus'. It referred to a small shy fish that usually can be found in stagnated acidic water pool. It is a native fish.

Today, it is simply called as the chocolate gouramy from it body colour. These fish are mouth brooders whereby the female keep their eggs in the mouth during incubation period for about 2 weeks.

Along somewhere near Tapah Road, The late Fawzi and I used to scoop out these gouramies from shallow stagnated pools in the nearby forest. But never once  we successfully bred this fish but its never too late to try again.

Today, the Chocolate gourami is a rare fish and can hardly be found in natural waters.

Sphaerichthys osphromenoides Max TL: 6cm

2014 winner of the aquatic plants layout contest by Takashi Amano.

Working on this Studio Ayer website.

15 MAY 2015. With internet website creator, it is a lot more easier to construct a whole new website these days. Using an independant software to create a website can be a lot more time consuming as one have to be familair with program commands. The web-builder that I am using to create this site is simple enough even for beginners.

We have thousands of work and travel photo collections and re-organising from the past period (printed copies) till the latest (digital copies) can be tedious.

Follow this site as I gradually construct, upload and update the information and photos in this

Have fun.

The Birds at Tijani Ukay, Kuala Lumpur.

1 May 2015. The contemporary design bird sculptures were cast in resin by our Thai artisans in Thailand. The idea to use resin is to make them lighter in weight so that we can mount the sculptures on 1.25 inch diameter stainless steel pipes.

The model was sculpted by Khun Juey and the surface texture was beautifully done by Khun Virun. These artisans have many years of sculpting experience and these are required to finish the job convincingly.

These pieces of art were specially design for the ponds at Tijani Ukay, Kuala Lumpur.