Simple Aquatic Science Practices by AyerMatahari

AyerMatahari has wide experiences in design and implement services for water gardens, lakes and some selective landscape projects. We also gained knowledge from freshwater aquaculture projects in our earlier years.

Our design concept and approach focus on eco-friendly aspects and self-sustainabillity elements without the application of toxic chemicals nor any expensive products or components.

We believe in the knowledge of aquatic ecology and its application which are vital for a successful implementation of a water-based projects to achieve its natural and self-sustainable state from an artifical creation.

Management of water bodies is all knowledge and not a product.


1. We design and provide consultation for garden ponds, lakes and water features.

2. We design and install the bio-filtration system for ponds.

3. We design craft and sculptures for gardens.

4. We practice domestic aquaculture our ways, the "ayer-culture garden" way.

5. We design garden concepts the eco-friendly way.


 We travel for a reason,  "... to get work done."