The Bio-filtration System for Ponds.

The AMI bio-filtration system installation in Bangalore, India.

The bio-filtration system is not entirely a filtration system but processes of bio-chemistry in water. Over the years we have improvised the filter design for efficiency and simplicity for its application in homes and commercial projects.

It is a simple technology with easy installation procedure for a water filtration system that are suitable for garden ponds, fish ponds, bio-pool and even in lakes. Hidden within this installation system is a very complex bio-chemistry processes of water that does the work in purifying its quality.

As we designed the system and its application methodology since 1988, it has become our proprietary item established under AyerMatahari Sdn Bhd as NSM Bio-filter System

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Installing the AMI BFS at Jimbaran, Bali.

Installing the AMI BFS in Goa, India.