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I first landed in Langkawi back in 1998 when I was involved in the Dataran Helang and Lagenda Park projects at Kuah. The architects of the day were Tuan Syed Ahmad and his wife.

Ponds and park landscape as can be seen today are matured though very much neglected by the owner. 

Langkawi has never lost its charms, just that you need to know where to go and how much you can afford to throw to enjoy the best of Langkawi.

Never missed the Four Seasons Resort at Tangjung Rhu when you are in Langkawi. 

Since late 2016, we completed the entrance pond of about 1000 sq m in area into a bio-pond with fishes to thrive and zero application of chemicals like chlorine.

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Four Seasons, Langkawi, The eco-pond with our NSM bio-filtration system

For the last 30 years of my life I worked as a pond management specialist designing recreational water gardens and lakes in this region. During that period, I was also involved in freshwater aquaculture. In 2015, I decided to paint as part of my refreshment job and plan to re-establish my presence in Taiping, Perak for good. Art has been in my blood since I was born but a career in aquatic science had over-shadowed my artistic capability and its time now to integrate both art and sciences into the new era of productivity.
Ng Kok Hong

About Studio Ayer and AyerMatahari

Studio Ayer, an eco-retreat is our productivity house and AyerMatahari consulting office will remain in Kuala Lumpur.

AyerMatahari operates our core business that covers a wide range of experiences in aquatic science services from water garden design to lake management and landscape. AyerMatahari provides services in this region from Bali to India working on resorts, homes and large scale properties development.

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Ng Kok Hong


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